Uniden SDS100 Failure…

Uniden SDS100 Failure… Help me out here Uniden.. This is an issue that needs to be resolved. Cheers, and please consider subscribing if you find my videos helpful!

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  1. Uniden will not sale you a replacement battery clip from what I have been told. There is a guy on Amazon that makes a replacement clip check in to it may help. I wish i had all the information on it.. just a side not note for those that still have the original clip. If you squeeze the battery and radio together before you un do the clip it takes the stress off the clip and makes it easier to open .

    • Thanks for the info. Ya I usually squeeze it but I honestly still haven’t replaced that… I just have a tough thick rubber band around it and its been fine haha. Cheers and thank you for watching!

  2. Hello, Just wanted to let you know that you and your videos/website have convinced me to purchase the SDS100. I have had scanners in the past (analog) now, it’s all going digital and my scanners have become useless. I’m really looking forward to receiving it and watching your videos so that I can program it..

    Thanks,,,, Ed

    • Thanks for the comment Ed! I appreciate you watching the channel and I’m glad you found some value in the videos! Keep me posted on your scanning and keep in touch! Cheers!

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