Uniden SDS100 – How To Program A P25 System Manually

Here is a quick way to understand how the sds100 uses the frequencies inside radio reference to trunk a p25 system. All you really need is the frequency and you can figure out the rest from there. The only real plus to radio reference is naming and convenience although you can find tons of new systems just doing a custom frequency search. 

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  1. Great video I have a sds 100 when I bought it I went with zip code to get started since my town has changed to p25 phase two i followed your video the only thing is nothing talking I have a 996p2 that I programmed at the same time that won’t shut up when I go into list to monitor shut everything off but what I put in it says nothing to scan I put in all frec and tgids service types to on even tried hitting channel button doing a quick save with just the control frec tried this a few times still nothing! Any ideas? Thank you

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