SDS100 Programming Question for Users – Looking for some input

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If you have questions, recommendations, or any input on this video regarding SDS100 programming Ideas. Please leave them in the comments below. 

If you know of other services that already do this for the SDS100 please leave them in the comments as well, I’d love to share anything that can help the community of SDS100 users.


  1. You’ve touched on a few relatively narrow DMR related topics – but there is SO MUCH more that you could cover. Everything from installing the firmware to programming ALL the various supported types, programming using the ARC-536 and ProScan (not just Sentinel). I did suggest this to the Scanner Guys a day or two ago, and what did I get – silence. In one of their videos, they thought that topics like these were ‘too out there’. Wrong. Just plain flat wrong.

    You could do something similar for NXDN systems.

    Why? Because Uniden either won’t or can’t. Yes, UPMan’s death set them back hugely but so far they haven’t done squat to document how to program these systems effectively- so we must. Even describing the (painful) method of manual programming would be a start.

    You’ve got a huge number of topics to cover. Think about it

    • I would love to build out this channel with more people that could come on and teach. I do plan on continuing to cover more topics and would love to make this channel full time if I could. It does take a lot of time to learn so its something I’m still learning as well, not much dmr here that I can find to mess with. Hopefully some of our travels we usually do throughout the year when help bring some more interesting location content to the channel as well but yes I agree with you I just can’t do it all alone right now, for one I don’t know everything, I wish I did but I don’t. I will be working on branching out though because I think bringing on some guests sometimes to teach things I don’t know would be extremely valuable and help not only me but the community.

  2. Thank you for all you have done so far. Keep going! I am a 40 year ham. Love the SDS100. Hated programming the old way. More more more please.

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