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SDS100 Programming Question for Users – Looking for some input

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Uniden SDS100 – How To Discover and Program DMR Cap+ Systems

Note: DMR is an upgrade available and not included free with the sds100. You must upgrade via Uniden to get the feature. 

Even if you have a cap+ frequency programmed as conventional it will still show cap+ on the scanner, so you’ll always know when you find a system. Make a note of that frequency and follow the directions in this video to start building out and automatically discovering the LCN, Unit ID’s, and TGID’s. 

I’ve had a lot of requests about programming a CAP+ DMR MotoTRBO Trunking System. In this video, I show you a quick and easy way to discover and build a system starting with a single frequency. 

I like using custom searches to find new systems, it’s a fun way to program. 

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Uniden SDS100 – How To Program A P25 System Manually

Here is a quick way to understand how the sds100 uses the frequencies inside radio reference to trunk a p25 system. All you really need is the frequency and you can figure out the rest from there. The only real plus to radio reference is naming and convenience although you can find tons of new systems just doing a custom frequency search. 

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Programming The Uniden SDS100 – Sentinel Beginner Tutorial

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This is a quick beginner’s “get started” tutorial for the Sentinel Software that allows you to quickly program the Uniden SDS100. If you have no idea where to start, this is a great place right here! When you plug your scanner in you’ll want to hit the “E” key on your scanner when the prompt on the sds100 pops up.

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Uniden SDS100 Scanner Quick Keys and How To Use Them

The Quick Key system can be a bit confusing on the Uniden SDS100. In this video I set up a favorites list outside of my current area using the zip code feature, narrowing my service types to business only and building some quick keys for the new favorites list to access with direct input. 

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Finding DMR System Frequencies on the Uniden SDS100

I came across a frequency while doing a custom search that turned out to be a DMR system.

I’ve been working on putting it together and this is an update video on my progress so far and how I’ve set up my system settings. Note: You need the DMR upgrade to hear DMR stations. Please leave any questions, comments, tips down below and make sure to hit the subscribe button for more!

I’ve got something to test out with the sds100 next week as well so make sure to stay tuned for that video. Sorry for the delay in the last couple of weeks, I’ve been a bit busier than usual. Stay safe, Cheers!

Uniden SDS100 – How To Create Fast Local Frequency Favorite Lists

New BAAS Camp Store – https://boyandascanner.com/product-category/baas-camp-store (working on some cool services to add so stay tuned) How to create quick favorite lists for different locations using the zip code feature.

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SDS100 Scanner Custom FM Radio Custom Search Complete Setup (Newbie Tutorial)

New BAAS Camp Store – https://boyandascanner.com/product-category/baas-camp-store (working on some cool services to add so stay tuned)

I had a request for this FM radio custom search set up starting from scratch so hopefully, this helps any new users out there. Here is my original video on FM search – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=loDtLeHqxcw&t

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