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County Comm GP5 (Gen 3) SSB Handheld Radio Review – Best SSB Shortwave Option For The Price?

I came across this radio about a couple weeks ago and wanted to give it a try. It has some amazing features for the price point and although its the same basic design as the Tecsun pl 360, the County Comm has single side band which the pl 360 does not. 

If you enjoy FM, AM and Shortwave as well as listening to the ham frequencies on hf this radio is a must have. 

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Specs from County Comm – 

Radio: 225 hrs at 40% Volume ( 50% Increased Run Time )

FM – Stereo via stereo earphones / MW / LW / SW

FM – Stereo via stereo earphones / MW / LW / SW

FM Frequency range adjustable (76 / 87 / 87.5 ~ 108 MHz)

Antenna Length 18 Inches

450 Station Memories

Multi Tuning Methods: ATS, ETM, Auto scan tuning with 5 seconds pre-listening for both frequency & memory (VF / VM), Manual tuning 9K/10K AM tuning step selectable

Silicon Labs Si4734 DSP chipset

LCD Backlight

Outside Temp Gauge 

Key lock function

External AM antenna Jack

Built-in rechargeable function (USB jack, 5V) ( can use rechargeable batteries)

Size: 53 (W) x 159 (H) x 26 (D) mm

Modes : AM, FM, SW, USB, LSB

FM: 87 – 108 or 76 – 108 MHz

— FM broadcast band includes world-wide FM broadcast allocations

MW/ AM: 522 – 1620 (9K tuning step) or 520 – 1710 kHz (10K tuning step)

SW: Extended Frequency Range to 1711-29999 ( higher and lower coverage )

LW frequency: 150 – 522 kHz (available for 9K tuning step only)

Sterile Fiberboard Packaging Per Contract Requirements

Power Requirements:

Stereo earphones

External AM antenna

Soft antenna

Carrying pouch

User manual

Power Requirements:

4.5 Volts DC via side jack (no adapter included)

3 each “AA” batteries ( Batteries not included )

Dimensions: 6.20″ X 2.05″ X .80″

Weight: 85 Grams not including batteries 

Speaker: 40 mm in diameter, 4 Ohms, .5 watt ( 2.5 times the output of the GP-4L ) 

Earphone Jack: 3.5 MM, Earphones Included

Limited Supply From Surplus Contract

Warning: Some suppliers are offering aftermarket large ferrite bar antennas for our GP-5 Radios. The weight of the aftermarket antenna causes the AM Bar Antenna Input connector to break internally, losing AM reception. This will void your warranty.

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Uniden Bearcat BC75XLT Unboxing & First Frequency Search – Is This Inexpensive Analog Scanner Good?

I picked up this inexpensive Uniden Bearcat BC75XLT Handheld Scanner recently and wanted to do a quick unboxing and initial setup and overview of it for my channel.

I love these simple conventional scanners and they definitely still have their place for use. I’ve found several new frequencies for this radio in my area in addition to the many digital systems that I Scan with my SDS100.

So far the BC75XLT has been excellent for Airband and Ham listening. I have also been using it for some local State Police frequencies that are conventional as well that are in the 460mhz range and the stock antenna has been performing great!

Stay tuned for more upcoming videos on this radio as well as new tips and tricks for the SDS100 and more on the old Radioshack pro 164 Scanner I still use.

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Pick up a Uniden Bearcat BC75XLT on Amazon – https://amzn.to/3dntKSz

Info from Uniden on the BC75XLT –

The Bearcat BC75XLT is a brand new low-cost scanner from Uniden. This radio is compact, easy-to-program with solid audio and a big bright numeric display. It’s a great entry-level portable scanner but it will not work with 800 MHz, trunking and digital systems which are used in many areas of the country. This radio is perfect though for monitoring public safety agencies that use conventional analog radios as well as railroads, marine, auto racing and civilian and commercial aviation (not military).

This scanner also includes Uniden’s incredible Close Call technology for rapidly finding active channels, service searches, priority and more. It operates on two AA batteries and can be powered and re-charged using USB cords (adapters available). The radio comes with a rubber-duck antenna, belt clip, charging cable and manual. It’s an all-around great basic scanner and for the sophisticated hobbyist, it’s really useful as a backup or Close-Call only radio to have in your car or at-the-ready for emergency weather monitoring at home.

Product Features:
300 Channels / 10 Bank
PC Programmable
Compact Design – The Uniden BC75XLT is designed to be compact for added flexibility and portability.
Close Call(TM) RF Capture Technology – Instantly tunes to signals from nearby transmitters
Frequency Coverage – Includes the most interesting “action” bands where you can hear police, ambulance, fire, amateur radio, public utilities, weather, and more.
10 Preprogrammed Service Searches – Frequencies are Preset in Separate Police, Fire/Emergency, Aircraft, Ham, Marine (by channel) and Weather Banks to make it easy to locate specific types of calls.
Backlit Display – Makes It Easier to Read Display in Low Light Conditions
2 AA Battery Operation – Provides flexibility in the choice of batteries: Alkaline for long life, rechargeable for the economy (batteries can be charged while in the scanner)
Priority Scan – Frequently scans the channels you have designated as priority channels
Delay – Helps prevent missed replies during 2-way conversations
Included in the Box:
• BC75XLT Scanner
• USB Programming/Power Cable
• Rubber Duckie Antenna
• Owner’s Manual