Look At This COOL Uniden SDS100 Universal Scanner Mount I Came Up With!

This has been a great way to carry the SDS100 in the hand and also utilize all the pop socket mounts I already have in places! Super easy to install on the scanner just by opening the pop socket and drilling out the center and using the set screw for the clip mount to secure it. You will be able to remove the pop socket and reinstall the clip without any damage or getting sticky tape from the pop socket all over the scanner. Here is the window pop socket “popmount” I use – https://amzn.to/2NszKOh It’s excellent! I plan on doing a video review on the SDS100 as a newbie and how I’ve been programming it with sentinel, etc so stay tuned and subscribe for that. I also have the old Radio Shack Pro 164 scanner I still love and use as well as the baofeng uv-5r plus I just picked up which I also plan on doing videos for so stay tuned!