How to modify the TS9 external antenna sockets on a ZTE MC801A 5G router so they don’t snap off – Router antenna modifications and antenna suppliers

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How to modify the TS9 external antenna sockets on a ZTE MC801A 5G router so they don’t snap off.

In this video I’m showing a simple antenna modification to a 3 branded ZTE MC801A 5G router to help with strain relief when connecting external antennas to the router’s TS9 external antenna sockets.

This is a very simple antenna modification that just uses a couple of TS9 to SMA cable extenders that connect to the router’s TS9 ports and are then taped to the body of the router to give the strain relief that these TS9 antenna sockets need.

These SMA to TS9 cables are also known as SMA to TS9 pigtails or TS9 to SMA pigtails. In any event and regardless of what name they are referred to by, they are simply coaxial extension cables that have male TS9 on one end and female SMA on the other.

Once done, the router essentially has SMA external sockets on it that are a better choice for connecting external antennas to. Plus, with the SMA to TS9 cables being taped to the body of the router, you will definitely get more strain relief when connecting antennas. As just the weight of an antenna coaxial cable is enough to snap off the TS9 ports.

I can’t over emphasise enough just how important this strain relief is for the external antenna sockets. Without such a modification, I can almost guarantee you that at some point you will snap off and break the TS9 connectors off the router’s motherboard.

These TS9 connectors on this router are simply surface mounted straight to the router’s PCB motherboard. Effectively giving no strain relief at all.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that with this particular 3 ZTE 5G router, once either of the TS9 sockets are snapped off or broken. Your router will no longer operate properly with 5G. Even if your router indicates a 5G signal, you will have a very slow speed. Basically, the router becomes useless for 5G and doesn’t even revert back to its internal 5G antennas.

This simple antenna modification will also work many other 5G routers, 5G modems, also know as a 5G gateway or 4G gateway, or even 4G routers and 4G modems that use TS9 for their external antenna connections. Even a home Wi-Fi router or modem that has these TS9 sockets can benefit from such a simple antenna modification.

It’s also worth noting that such a simple modification will not void your warranty or guarantee as you are only connecting a cable to a socket that’s designed to be used by the end user for attaching external antennas to. There is no opening up the router, so therefore no voiding of any warranty or guarantee.

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