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Microwave Antenna Solutions – 1ft (0.30m) Antenna Installation

Watch this video to learn about the proper techniques, correct tools and tips to install RFS 1ft (0.30m) microwave antennas.

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UltraHorn TP Antenna, UH-TP-5-24 – UNBOXING

RF elements UltraHorn™ TP 5-24, UH-TP-24 is the ultimate noise-rejecting horn sector and point to point antenna for 5 GHz unlicensed networks.

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UltraHorn™ (UH) solves the biggest issues in the unlicensed bands – that of RF noise, system loss, and network scalability. UH comes assembled out of the box and all you need to install the antenna is a 13 mm wrench.

UH has 24 dBi gain, 15 degrees beamwidth and the following features make it an ideal PTP or PTMP narrow sector antenna in the unlicensed 5 GHz band:

The radiation pattern of UltraHorn™ is symmetrical – with the same beamwidth in the azimuth and elevation cut. UH is the ultimate antenna in terms of noise rejection – there is only one main lobe and zero sidelobes and its BE is 99 %, which is a unique feature unmatched by any other PTP, or sector antenna in the wireless industry. If you want to know more about BE, you can check our short video:

The maximum gain is stable over the whole useful bandwidth so the signal strength is constant regardless of the frequency channel used. Also the rest of the radiation pattern is stable over the useful bandwidth providing high coverage stability and reliability especially for the CPEs at the edges of the sector.

The Horizontal and Vertical radiation patterns are identical, which is yet another addition to the reliability of the UH performance on both radio chains. UH features TwistPort™ – our proprietary waveguide connector that minimizes the RF power loss occurring between a radio & the antenna.

Thanks to these favorable properties, you can:
– Co-locate many UH even on a crowded tower without any degradation of links already in place. All of that with no additional cost for aftermarket shielding kits thanks to the 99% BE and narrow beam width.
– The side lobe connection typical for parabolic dishes when you see a decent signal strength is extremely easy to avoid with UH – one main lobe and zero sidelobes leaves no space for error. There is only one azimuth angle with the maximum signal that clearly indicates correct alignment.

So is UH a PTP or a Sector antenna? It depends on the scenario. UH is an excellent PTP antenna if it fits your need, as well as a narrow sector antenna, for example with customers clustered close to each other far from the tower.

Thanks to the larger elevation beamwidth, UH easily covers the null zone at the site and the coverage is reliable in flat to somewhat hilly landscapes. In mountainous regions, the wide downtilt range (+- 25 deg) helps you aim the spotlight at the cluster of CPEs.

UH is equipped with TwistPort™ – our proprietary waveguide connector with near zero insertion loss, which can save even 3 dB of radio power. TwistPort™ is extremely user-friendly and enables fast installation of a radio with one hand. The TwistPort™ eco-system also makes migration to other radio platforms easy and economical. All you need to do is to change the adaptor to fit the new radio and you can keep using the same antenna.

Twistport™ – our proprietary waveguide connector with near zero loss connects and mounts the radio within seconds. Twistport™ ecosystem makes migration to other radio platforms easier and economical – simply change the adaptor to fit the new radio and you’re done.

UH weighs 8.2 kg and its body has a beautiful matte finish. UH will withstand extreme environmental conditions – it is built from premium materials: die-cast and extruded aluminium, UV-resistant plastic, and stainless steel hardware with a black colored surface coating protecting the bolts from seizing and extending durability of the whole bracket. At the edge of the aperture is a water drain hole so the condensed water simply leaks out.

There is absolutely no assembly involved – UH comes pre-assembled from the factory. Our innovative UH bracket which is part of the package is optimized for durability and easy installation.

Before you attach the bracket arm on the tower it is useful to know the thickness of the pole – if its diameter is smaller than 58 mm, position the bracket as shown. For diameters larger than 58 mm, flip the bracket for the best attachment. The four long M8 bolts ensure robust and durable attachment.

0:00 Unpacking
0:21 Pole installation and aiming

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Comet CA-2x4SR VHF/UHF Mobile Antenna Installation & On Air Test

Installing the Comet CA-2x4SR VHF/UHF Mobile Antenna along with the Comet CP-5M Antenna Mount. We also sweep the SWR with the RigExpert Stick Pro and talk On Air to a repeater very far away. This is by far the best mobile VHF/UHF antenna I have ever had.
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Drexel’s new spray on antennas can connect everything to the internet

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WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF: Tomorrow’s world will be increasingly connected, and connecting old legacy devices and things has been difficult, but it’s about to get much easier.

Engineers are good at making minuscule antennas. Nowadays, we can cram antennas into our smartphones or smartwatches without much trouble. But from the perspective of those devices, the antennas inside them are still bulky and take up too much space.

Now, researchers at Drexel University, in Philadelphia, have developed a thin, lightweight, and flexible spray on 2D antenna solution that can be sprayed onto everyday objects, whether they’re wearable devices or Internet of Things products, legacy buildings and other city infrastructure, or even cows if you so fancied, that can be used to connect them to the rest of the world in a way that was unimaginable just a few years ago. They published their work in Science Advances. 

The transparent Titanium Carbide antenna is also a good option for any device in which you don’t want to actually see the antenna, says Asia Sarycheva, a Ph.D. student in Drexel’s Department of Materials Science and Engineering, who conducted the research.

“With smart windows, for example, you have to have transparent circuits to send signals. Or solar cells – you need everything [to be] transparent.”

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Squad car: Welding up antenna holes [4K] Ep32

In this video, I will show the process I use to weld up the antenna holes on a police cruiser. Not sure why they need to have 6 antenna holes punched in the roof and trunk, but they need to be welded up. I am not a fan of using those plastic plugs. I also have paint loss that left bare metal on the roof that eventually caused surface rust. This is a multi part series.

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Abracon Automotive Grade Antennas

Abracon automotive grade antennas are IATF 16949 certified and IP67 rated for rugged environments and outdoor applications. These antennas come in different shapes and mounting and are ideal for transportation, navigation and surveillance applications such as fleet management, asset tracking and, remote monitoring. These solutions support multiple frequency bands and protocols. The antennas can also be customized for cable and connector as per the requirements.

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Build your own WIFI Antenna – Brandon Verkerk

Do you want to boost your WIFI? Looking for a DIY antenna? You can build your own WIFI antenna by having a look at this tutorial.

We have uploaded instruction videos to build your own WIFI Antenna. This antenna shown here covers the 2.4 to 6 GHz bands which include the 2.4 and 5GHz wifi bands.

Folded bowtie antennas are simple to make and exhibit very good broadband performance

These antennas were build by fourth-year electromagnetic engineering students at WITS University. We have selected some of the designs to show you what to do.

WIFI Antenna:

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Fixed Wireless Internet Technology By Antenna From ISP | Fixed Wireless Broadband

Fixed wireless internet is different and modern method from other common connections like DSL and fiber or cable. rather than employing a cable, it brings the web signal to your home via radio waves transmitted by a base station.

When you choose fixed wireless internet, your provider will install a receiver on your house. it’ll communicate with the closest wireless base station and provide you with access to the online via a cable carrying the broadband signal from the receiver to the router in your house or office.

Fixed Wireless Internet Technology By Antenna From Internet service provider (ISP) is modern method which provides services for accessing, using, or participating in the Internet. No cable required at street.