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DMR Programming Basics

This video defines and relates key concepts you need to understand to successfully program your DMR ham radio.

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DMR ham radios

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How To Program Your DMR Handheld To Talk To DMR Repeaters | BCU Live

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How to Easily Program DMR Radios in 2022! Part 1

I have presented this information in a way which I believe will be beneficial to almost anyone getting into DMR. If you don’t understand something, remember to slow down, go back and confirm you put all the information in correctly.

If I do not click with you, it’s okay! There are other people who have made this same topic and presented it in a different way, which may be more understandable to you!

Here is a guide on how to program almost any DMR radio. This is part 1 of 2. In this episode we discuss how to program repeaters, talk groups, contacts, scan lists and zones.

If you don’t already have a DMR ID: