Broadsword Slim Jim VHF Air Band Antenna Review

This antenna has been designed primarily for VHF Air Band reception, and my tests showed it to perform well. I would be happy using this as a VHF Air only antenna, although I noted that it outperformed my reference antenna up to around 164 MHz.

I DO NOT recommend using this antenna for UHF Mil Air reception. Although it will receive strong local signals, it will miss a lot of transmissions because it is not designed for the UHF air band band.

You may also be interested in a previous video I made, testing the D1000 VHF air band portable antenna (see

Darren from Broadsword offers multiple Slim Jims for sale, and you can specify the frequency you want it to work best on. He also makes transmit capable 2m & 70cm versions.

You can view his selection of handmade antennas on his Facebook shop ( or eBay (

The antenna was tested with RTL-SDR v3 dongles which US viewers can order from (SDR only) / (SDR + antenna kit) and worldwide viewers can get from

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